Welcome to the multiverse.

Parallel Worlds: Dreams Collide is an original story that revolves around 3 parallel versions of Earth. One of the worlds named Korona, ruled by mystical kings and queens, must defend itself against a technologically advanced Roman civilisation, hell bent on taking over their world and others.


Ready for a new adventure?

Parallel Worlds Heroes.

Gardeus, a mystical warrior from Korona with unearthly powers must go in search of a greater power that will even the odds and help defeat the warmongering Roman-Earth invaders once and for all.

Parallel Worlds Villains.

Roman-earth,  a parallel Roman world enhanced by technology from an alien encounter early in it’s history. This planet is ruled solely by the indomitable Emperor Jargus. The almighty emperor will not stop until Korona is under his control.

The Boy From Earth.

Gardeus’s quest brings him to our own Earth where a young street smart kid holds a piece of puzzle that could save not only his world Korona but the entire multiverse.

Who is Galadiz?

Outside of the multiverse, a Goddess watches helplessly as parallel worlds are slowly torn apart by an unknown entity from a place beyond the multiverse. Welcome to Parallel Worlds: Dreams Collide

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