Son of the great mystic King Edeus, as a child he witnessed the death of his mother Queen Diana at the hands of the Romanearths. He grew to inherit his father’s mystical teleportation ability and also his mother portal manipulation skills. As a prince with a strong connection to his fellow Koronans, he spent his younger years as a nomad. Gardeus Raised on the streets of inner city Manchester, Victor spends his time in the streets observing the shady world around him - waiting. His father’s nefarious past looms over him but deep down he wants to make a positive difference to the world. As strong and athletic and he is smart, Victor plans to change the world, starting with his hood. Victor Galadiz Also known as The Goddess Three, Galadiz is a extra-dimensional being from The Outerverse whose essence is woven into the fabric of our reality. Watching over the multiverse, she must protect it from the Outsiders. But something is amiss within the multiverse - can she find the solution in time? Galadiz General of Romanearth legions and the most trusted servant of Emperor Jargus. A master of warfare he was trained from a very young age to be the emperor’s second in command. As a master strategist or assassin, Conesus is the emperor’s deadliest weapon, though Jargus values his unswerving loyalty the most. Conesus Top student, captain of the football team, and accepted into the most prodigious schools in England, Cameron has been casually moonwalking through life. But his nightmares become more terrifying, he sleeps for two hours a night, yet never feels tired. With a memory that is both photographic and forgetful, he is sure someone is watching him - Is it all in his head? Cameron Johnson The fourth child of former Emperor Tarquinius Superbius, Jargus wasted no time in assassinating his older siblings both politically and physically. Envious of the superhuman Koronan mystics, the new emperor strived to be as powerful as Ruler Edeus. The Celestians granted his wish and the now immortal and all powerful Jargus has declared war on Korona. Emperor Jargus As part of a group of Celestian scientific explorers, Rah-I roamed the galaxies searching for a prophesied new world beyond our existence. After inadvertently giving rise to the Romanearth world empire, Rah-I and the Celestians stumble across a new world known as Korona. When war breaks out between the two worlds Rah-I sides with the Koronan people. Rah-I Ruler of Europa and the leader of the mystical warriors of Korona. After his wife was murdered by the Romanearths, King Edeus devoted his life to ending their reign of terror, at the expense of his relationship with son Gardeus. Undoubtedly the most powerful mystical warrior he possesses the power of displacement and wears ‘Galea Inferno’, a helmet of unearthly power. King Edeus From a heritage of great Mystics, Magnus was destined to be the ultimate mystical warrior. Able to absorb huge amounts of Universal Energy, his power is almost limitless. A born winner, mentored by Ruler Edeus, Magnus only has one weakness: his over-confidence. Magnus Unknown